Swedish researchers Alejandra Vásquez and Tobias Olofsson has discovered a natural solution to antibiotics, hidden for millions of years within a very special creature – the Apis mellifera – known to us as the common honeybee. In its honeystomach the worlds largest concentration of beneficial lactic acid bacteria, all in all 13 new species, was found. 10 years of research has shown that they work in symbiosis with each other to produce substances which protect themselves (and their hosts) towards pathogens and diseases. This discovery flips the mindset of the medical world; instead of fighting bacteria it suggests to use them as co-combatants. As such, the lactic acid bacteria work as living factories of antibiotics and are activated whereever they are needed. The idea of antibiotics needs to be revolutionised, from the static compound which generates resistance to the active which generates protection. Therefore, Alejandra and Tobias needs your help and support to develop products for veterinary and human medicine. They are inspired by honey’s long history as a folk medicine and driven by the idea to spread this discovery to the ones in need worldwide. Why invest in expensive and complicated drugs when the solution is something as simple as this and thouroghly tested by man through thousands of years?

A crowdfunding campaign is up and running on Indiegog and we need your support; https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/living-antibiotics/x/10828416