Introducing Living Antibiotics – Part 1 of 4

Ten years ago, researchers Alejandra Vásquez and Tobias Olofsson, at the Faculty of Medicine, Medical Microbiology at Lund University, Sweden, made an absolutely amazing rediscovery. They showed, as the first research team in the world, why wild and fresh honey has been used for as folk medicine to heal wounds and other infections for thousands of years.

The secret is that bees themselves add the world’s largest flora of good lactic acid bacteria in honey from their honey stomachs. All freshly harvest honey from wilderness around the globe contains the flora during a couple of days.  But when today’s processes are used to harvest honey from bees all the beneficial bacteria are lost, this fact also includes the famous Manuka honey. However, thanks to Alejandra and Tobias on going research, the lactic acid bacteria have been given new life. In test after test the researchers have been able to show how the 13 lactic acid bacteria, in cooperation with each other, have killed all of today’s known pathogenic bacteria.

In three games against a dangerous mixture of antibiotic-resistant pathogens, filmed in three different laboratory tests in a protected environment, Alejandra and Tobias will put both the 13 lactic acid bacteria and their competitors to test. In these challenges we will see how strong they really are and if they can offer protection to some of the world’s major diseases.

In this part, the introduction , we meet microbiologists, Dr Tobias Olofsson and Dr Alejandra Vásquez to learn more about their fantastic discovery involving living antibiotics in honey.

In the opening game on April 27, lactic acid bacteria in a honey mixture challenges regular store-bought honey.

In the second match 4 May, Manuka honey, the contender for the title of ”world’s best antibiotic alternative” will be challenged.

In the third and final match on May 11, it’s time for the main challenger: conventional antibiotics.

Follow the matches, the laboratory tests and the results. Please share if you care!

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